A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Sacrifices must be made...and then burnt! Arrange bales of hay into the desired effigy shape, then set them on fire as tribute to whatever deity you desire.

But watch out, some hasty individuals are attempting to set your effigy alight before it is complete! What ever deity you're sacrificing to, you can bet they only accept complete sacrifices. Make sure to put out any unwanted fires using your bucket of water!

Includes Online Multiplayer! 

Make sure if you see others online you challenge them to an effigy building contest! Be sure to set their effigy on fire before it is complete to nullify their sacrifice!

 You should receive a notification even in single player that someone has challenged you


WASD: Character Movement

Mouse Cursor: Character Facing

E (Contextual): Pickup & Put down Bales of Hay.  Refresh Water Charges at the Well.

Left Click : Light a bale of hay on fire.

Right Click : Use water to put out fire.

Mouse Wheel : Zoom


Effigy.zip 195 MB
Effigy_OSX.zip 201 MB

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